Rennes le Chateau area features

Rennes les Bains as New Jerusalem

Rennes les Bains in southern France had attracted several cosmic visions. The Blanque-Sals confluence is a kind of Baptismal Font, mixing 5a Magdalene source’s sulphur ‘tears’, ‘White’ Blanque water from 6 Lovers source, ‘Health Bottle’ trickle from 3 Mud Clots source, into salt water from under Mt Bugarach (see Rennes les Bains 5a; and Rennes le Chateau church plan 5; in other posts). Magdalene of Galilee, of hot and salt water for preserving fish and bread, married John Evangelist and moved to France with Lazarus, in Varagine’s Golden Legend.

If the Blanque-Sals confluence  were a Galilee, and its axial opposite at 12 Sals-Rialsesse confluence were a Dead Sea; then Sals is a Jordan; Montferrand a Jericho; and Bains a Jerusalem. Legends are often re-located, partly since the same features are recognised everywhere under different names. The Sals basin also resembles a rectangular walled paradise, bounded east by Montferrand, Cornes, and Soulane hills on the Paris meridian, with three paths; south by Treasure Chest ridge, Charbonniere, with a river ‘gate’ in its middle; west by Rennes plateau with four paths; north by the Rialsesse valley where Cardou and Blanchefort hills flank the river exit ‘gate’.

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New Jerusalem (Iconum Biblicarum, 1630, Strasbourg). All cultures claim a cosmic city, including Babylonia, India, Cambodia, China (see Furter 2016; Stoneprint). Yet all cultures subconsciously build specific cosmic elements into all their works (see Stoneprint Journal 3: Paris. Stoneprint Journal 4: London).

Ulpian (2015) saw a larger area as New Judea, backdrop to his gospel sequel of John Baptist crucified by Pilate, and Christ escaping the Sanhedrin to Egypt to stoke resistance; then to organise churches from Narbonne or Couiza (see Rennes le Chateau map, type 11, in another post); to dictate Revelation to the other John; and to write letters to rebel churches as a ‘resurrected’ king with two sons, instigating the burning of Nero’s Rome. Ulpian’s landscape corners are south-west hill Val Dieu, Valley of God; and south-east Bugarach Mt. In Rev21;10, an ‘angel’ demonstrates from “a great high mountain… holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven… a high wall, twelve gates, angels, tribes, foundations, apostles… a golden reed to measure the city, gates, and wall… 144 cubits (66m) high”, or ‘thick’ in some translations. Serbairou foothill is a rectangle, its features expressing types 5a, 5b, 5c and 6. Archetypal features of 5 include world, ascension, benediction, ritual, assembly, water, angel, judgement, and corner guards (see Tarot trump 5 Pope, and its magnitudes, 20 Judgement and 21 World. See the Types, trumps and hour decans table, in another post). Only subconscious expression could explain the consistent structure in natural and cultural media.

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