Edmond Furter wrote Mindprint, the subconscious art code, after extensive research in iconography, archaeology, history and astronomy, spanning 26 years.

He says of his subject; “At first I studied psychology about what we feel, then archaeology about what we make, astronomy about what we observe, record and deduct, then cognitive archaeology about what we think. Ironically, this book is not based on the premises or findings of any of these disciplines.

“Mindprint is about what we do not consciously feel, make, see, record, read or think. It is about the archetypal attributes, sequence and structure that we subconsciously express. I am therefore not an archaeologist, psychologist, astronomer or art historian by definition, but a structural archaeologist.”

He works as a freelance researcher and editor in Johannesburg and Pretoria. THe book is presented in the format of popular archaeology and art analysis.

About the book

The introduction of Mindprint, the subconscious art code, explains how to read the illustration labels, and reveals the types and structural features in art. It also notes some aspects of their disguise.

Chapter A demonstrates six examples of the basic typological sequence, and explains structural sets in nature, myth, grammar and our subconscious.

Chapter B demonstrates the structure in our iris and bodies, and explains our structural perception, inspiration, consciousness, psychology and disguise.

Chapter C demonstrates the structure in our hands, and explains the co-incidence of structure in our bodies, culture, events and literature.

Chapter D demonstrates cosmic structure and explains structural cosmology, astronomy and astrology.

Chapter E demonstrates cosmic polar structure and explains structural time, Ages, archaeo astronomy, planets and spherical doubling.

Chapter F demonstrates artistic structure in a famous painting by Pierro de Cosimo, and explains structural symbolism, artistic functions, initiation and esoterica.

Chapter G demonstrates a rock art painting process, and explains structural inspiration and compulsive expression.

Chapter H tests mindprint in two Egyptian decanal sets (Narmer and Dendera), explains conscious aspects of expression, and the Tarot trump sequence numbering.

Chapter J lists the attributes and concepts of the sixteen types, reduces these to tables, offers a format for artistic typological data, formulates a statistical test, tests 170 artworks, lists and explains the results. It also demonstrates how to identify visual types and archetypal structure in art, speculates on the possibility of prior discovery, and lists the few inherent ambiguities among some types.

Chapter K compares scientific and esoteric paradigms, illustrates natural ‘art’, and speculates on the implications of the discovery of mindprint for some sciences and crafts.

Chapter L demonstrates mindprint in 200 artworks, grouped by their dominant themes, and ordered to compare rock art against schooled art. Some notable details are explained.

The postscript explains how the visual types and structure were found.

About the author

Edmond Furter presented his findings in guest lectures at these scientific and esoteric societies:

Ditsong Museum Tswaing ethno astronomy project, Soshanguve, 2008. Archaeo-astronomy short course Johannesburg, 2009. Theosophical Society Pretoria, 2009 Aug. Origins Centre guest lecture, Johannesburg, 2009 Sep. Astronomical Society Johannesburg, 2010 Jan. Theosophical Society Johannesburg, 2010 Feb. Theosophical Society Nelspruit, 2010 March. Theosophical Society Johannesburg, 2010 April. Soweto and Wits public art tour, 2010. Archaeo-astronomy short course Johannesburg, 2010. Ancient Egyptian Society Johannesburg, 2011 Feb. Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Society Pretoria, 2012 Feb. Decorative Arts Society Johannesburg 2015. Theosophy market day Pretoria 2016. Masonic market day Pretoria, 2016. West Rand Astronomy Club 2017.

How to order the book, and learn the analytical technique

Weekend seminars on structural archaeology are available.

* Order Mindprint directly from Lulu.com (in the Arts category).

* Order Stoneprint from edmondfurter at gmail.com at $30 plus postage from South Africa.

* See academic papers by Edmond Furter in Expression, published by Atelier Etno, based in in Italy, aligned to a UN programme.

* To attend a one-day or two-day seminar, book on ,,,,,,edmondfurter@gmail.con,,,,,,.

(c) Copyright on all images and text on this site, and in the book Mindprint, is reserved by the author, the publisher Four Equators Media, and Lulu.com. Some images in their original, unmarked and unlabelled form, are also subject to additional copyright.


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