Mindprint on the Narmer palette front

The Narmer palette front demonstrates the subconscious art code in a decanal set, in stock Sumerian and Egyptian pre-dynastic style (mindprint analysis by Edmond Furter).


  • 3 Aries as a spouted pot (neck backward)
  • 2 Taurus Pleiades as a large star
  • 1 Taurus Orion as a sandal-bearer (twisted)
  • 15 Gemini as Hathor cow (frontal face)
  • 14 Cancer as chisel and hammer (furthest egress) (Y-shaped)
  • 13 Leo as Horus falcon
  • 11 Virgo as Horus womb; and as the eye of an Asiatic marsh subject
  • 10 Libra as King’s brother’s genitals and hand (neck twisted, opposite t3)
  • 9 Scorpius as a defeated enemy (twisted, opposite ta2)
  • 8 Scorpius as ribbon (tails)
  • 7 Sagittarius as prisoners’ hands
  • 6 Capricornus as prisoner (nearest ingress)
  • 5 Aquarius Pegasus as a pond
  • 4 Pisces as the king’s heel
  • 11p Galactic pole on Horus’ hand
  • 4p Galactic south pole on the twin’s heel
  • Celestial pole on the king’s genitals or shoulder, and the vertical plane. The inspiration is of Age Aries or just prior.

The palette carries the same figures and nearly the same sequence of attributes on both sides. Here the figures are in a court or festival context, centred on type 15 Gemini as a smiting, ordering pharaoh. Several optional links flip the sequence between the two sides, in the ‘transparent’ method of some Egyptian murals.

On the palette’s reverse side (see theme 3), type 13 Leo is a dwarf, on a symbolic level representing a client culture paying homage by its wise men and women. The dwarf resembles a figure in Queen Hatshepsut’s Punt colonnade, perhaps a Khoe Queen of Sheba.

Mindprint types and structure on the Narmer palette rear (Edmond Furter). The artefact is discussed in more detail among illustrations themed on type t3 t18 Aries in the book.
Mindprint types and structure on the Narmer palette rear. The artefact is discussed in more detail among illustrations themed on type 3Aries18 in the book.

Her function and conceptual role is more important than her particular tribe. On the subconscious level, the royal figure and heart of type 12/13 Leo are expressed in a foreign but compliant healer from the interior that feeds the Nile. Thus the nominal lion of Ethiopia is figured in the service of empire.

The same event in Ethiopian eyes is politically different (see an Ethiopian Sheba visiting Solomon at theme 15).

Some dwarfs are identified with rainmakers (Jack Tressider; Watkins Dictionary of symbols). Empire needs flattery by tribes with apparently semi-human features or languages, considered more in touch with animals and nature, and thus rainmakers, herbalists and fertility or defensive spell casters.

Bushmen and Khoe or Nama (born of occasional pre-Bantu and pre-colonial admixtures) fulfilled these functions to migrating Iron Age African Bantu tribes and to emergent mixed Korana, Griekwa and Amatola bands in South Africa. They served white settlers even during the systematic genocide and cultural extinction of Bushmen by regional masters such as the Zulu, Dutch, British and Boer.

Even now the mixed South African culture requires Bushmen, spiritual owners of the land, to bless the nation (see Bushmen figures and language in the coat of arms at theme 5 Aquarius21).


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